Geometrical Lino Print on Newsprint

A maze like geometric graphic repeated to creat an op art piece with bold contrast. The medium is 4”x6” Lino print with water based ink on an old newsprint roll. This was printed in a pattern on three 2.5’x8’ sections to be used for a backdrop used in studio photography. Stamping process took 5 weeks working in roughly 30 minute sessions twice a week.

Photo taken with the iPhone Xs Max.

Pier 39

Illustration inspired by people watching at Pier 39 and tourist areas in San Francisco. The subject an overweight female character is uncomfortably staring into the distance while plumerias, eggs, mayonnaise and two cats swirl around her in a thick smoke. A large purse hangs over the shoulder of an arm with a charm bracelet. There is a pair of sunglasses in her hand and a heart neckless hangs on her chest.

This piece was illustrated on an iPad in Adobe Fresco with an apple pencil. It is created using all vector graphics.