Taking a break

A dock worker in a ship breaking yard in Chittagong, Bangladesh kneels as he takes a break from his dangerous job. A scarf wraps around his head and neck. A worn pair of sandals cloth his calloused feet. The worker picks at his nails in reflection. He listens to his friend who is next to him as they discuss the Americans that are touring the shipyard. His hair is grey from the trauma of his employment and life in the rugged environment of Chittagong.

This is illustration was made with an iPad and Apple Pencil in Adobe Fresco and uses all vector elements.

Pier 39

Illustration inspired by people watching at Pier 39 and tourist areas in San Francisco. The subject an overweight female character is uncomfortably staring into the distance while plumerias, eggs, mayonnaise and two cats swirl around her in a thick smoke. A large purse hangs over the shoulder of an arm with a charm bracelet. There is a pair of sunglasses in her hand and a heart neckless hangs on her chest.

This piece was illustrated on an iPad in Adobe Fresco with an apple pencil. It is created using all vector graphics.

Woman Dark Background Study

Four Hands reaching framing in the face of a strong female character. The two hands connected to her neck reach away as the other two are held up in reverence on either side of the woman’s head. Red and green dots float to the left and right of her earrings. She looks away as if distracted by something. This piece was created on a black background. Gray tones were used in place of color and the overall piece has a very muted appearance with the exception of the four colored dots.

This illustration was created in Adobe Fresco using an iPad and a Apple pencil using all vector graphics.