Natural 20

Natural 20 – In almost every system this is a critical success, meaning that whatever you did happens without question, even if it should be impossible.

Arms Chronophotography

Photography study using chrono technique while waving arms in circle. Face was removed/distorted using content aware fill in Photoshop. First loading files into stack and using align layers function. Layer masks were applied hastily using subject selection.

The party is over.

Performance art piece of the act of vacuuming up square confetti on a grey carpet.

Geometrical Lino Print on Newsprint

A maze like geometric graphic repeated to creat an op art piece with bold contrast. The medium is 4”x6” Lino print with water based ink on an old newsprint roll. This was printed in a pattern on three 2.5’x8’ sections to be used for a backdrop used in studio photography. Stamping process took 5 weeks…